Sunday, May 30, 2010

Raajaavin Paarvai RaaNiyin pakkam

I sang my part in this song in Nov’09 and it was supposed to be with Sukumar (with whom I have sung another song from the same movie ) 

Then we both lost interest in this song and drifted to other numbers. So this file was idling away in my PC for a few month….until I found “Gopi”: here in Muziboo. Thanks a lot to Sukumar for having sacrificed (Vittu kuduthufied- LOL) this opportunity to Gopi (who is also from near his native place, I believe! Ippo theriyuthu- ithu Oor pattRu)
Gopi shares an intense passion for songs from yesteryears and I was pleasantly shocked to see songs in his wishlist that tallied with mine. While we are still looking for all those tracks, we thought we will do this one first and get to the rest when my exams are over. In the process, it seems like I have tormented him too much with all my pointers on his singing and mixing. So if he is not fed up with me already, you may hear more old duets from us in time to come.
Movie: Anbe Vaa (1966)
Music: Mellisai Mannar M.S.Viswanathan
Originally sung by: TM.Soundararajan, P.Susheela
Mixing: Gopi Shanmugam
P.S: The track has a slight problem in the pallavi where the tune was trying to gallop with the horses in the movie sequence :D. Please do bear with this hitch

Anuraagalola Gaathri

It is always a pleasure to work with Kumar Srinivasan. I learn something each time I do a song with him. But the immense trouble I give him while doing Malayalam songs(with my diction) is perhaps a factor that could put anyone else off quite easily.
I fell in love with this song when Kumar introduced me to it. Perhaps a very pure form of Gowri Manohari (later came to know that it is actually based on the Hindustani raaga Patdeep) woven into this dreamy tune, aptly sung by LJY and P.Susheela(who is also an unusual but befitting choice for this song).

Movie: Dhwani
Music: Naushad
Lyrics: Yousuf Ali Kechery
Originally sung by: KJYesudas, P.Susheela
Mixing: Kumar Srinivasan

Nilaa Kaayum Neram Saranam

I recorded this song a while ago but kept poor Shrini waiting all these days before posting! Thanks a lot, Shrini! :)
So many nostalgic memories from this song for me :)……I am sure most of you will agree if I said this is probably one of the most difficult songs to render on stage. Phew! And to hear SJ traversing so effortlessly definitely gives me a terrible complex! :P. I think it is one of Mano’s best songs for IR.

Movie: Sembarutthi
Music: Ilayaraaja
Originally sung by: Mano, S.Janaki
Mixing: Srinivasan.S

Nenjamellaam Kaadhal

This is perhaps one of ARR’s duets I would have listened to the most. I damaged 2 CDs of “Ayutha Ezhutthu” with the repeated plays on my car’s player :P
I generally am very wary about choosing Sujatha’s songs since they require a lot of energy ( and a lot more smiling too :D) and highpitch singing. But I had to do this one for the love of the song- the harmonies are to die for! I particularly enjoyed the lyrics and of course the picturisation :)
I am so happy (and lucky) to be singing with George after nearly 2 years. He is perhaps of the highest calibre of singers here, and anywhere, and never ceases to amaze us with each song he sings. I could think of nobody else but George to do this song with. My sincere thanks to him for his patience and hardwork, especially with the Tamil lyrics. The funniest part is that he was very sceptical about getting this right- he thought he would kill the song :D. On the contrary, I believe he has outdone Adnan in many places! I rate this as one of his best Indian numbers. Of course, it is for you all to decide now.

Movie: Aayutha Ezhutthu
Music: ARRahman
Originally sung by: Adnan Sami, Sujatha
Mixing: George Kuruvilla
Track courtesy: Rajkumar Anjan/ Sanjay Satheesh

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thendral Vanthu Theendum Poathu

Recently, I met with a painter/ artist to help her with creating visual media exhibits for an upcoming intercultural festival in Dublin.
I was telling her how I had no clue of how to interpret modern art (or any painting for that matter) and didn't quite understand their language.

We then spoke about music and how I expressed fluently through music. That is when the connection struck me. If only I could find that missing link between music and painting- I know there is one since they both are expressions of the heart and mind- it would complete the puzzle.

This song is for my soul! It is perhaps one of the best duets ever from Ilayaraaja-SJ duo. Balaji was a natural choice- not because of the IR-like voice or his love for IR- but because he connects to the song exactly the same way as I do. The beauty of the song is the simplicity of the tune with no throat-wrecking sangathis. The feel of the song is just enough to make one forget oneself and get sucked in. The first 2 lines are alone 10 beats whereas everything else is 8 beats as usual. Of course, it is allowed of Maestros to take such liberty in breaking rules! :)

Its a beautiful idea to try and explain the Colours to a visually impaired girl. She can't connect to it visually but through her other senses and through the extra sense called Love. One of Nasser's and Revathi's best movies, I wasn't very impressed with it then. But now, I do understand and appreciate the beauty of this concept.

The sheer pleasure of doing the harmonies for this song is unmatched by anything yet. And to revisit the vocals each time Balaji's keen ears caught something very minute, was with a delerious effort to get the best out of us both! Of course, a very dear piece of work like this had to be mixed by one of the best people in here so we had to pester Balamurali again.

I have to mention about Balaji's stupendous performance here. I haven't seen a keener pair of ears than his to date. And he simply doesn't let you rest till a defect is sorted. I think this song is his best to date. But I know he is capable of greater things- this is just the beginning! :)

Movie :Avathaaram
Music: Isaignaani Ilayaraaja
Originally sung by : Ilayaraaja, S.Janaki
Harmonies: Adithi
Mixing :Balamurali Bala
Track Courtesy :Rajkumar Anjan/ Sanjay Satheesh

Thendral Vanthu Theendum- with Balaji Seetharaman | Musicians Available

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Varuthu Varuthu

Sukumar and I decided to do this song long back, even when we sang "Vechukkavaa". 

It is a very important song in my life! It  was the first song that I sang on stage with orchestration :) I was in Class 5 then and sang with my uncle. You should have seen how scared I was, not of stage singing but of my mom who was in the front row signalling every offnote/ mistake with a frown! :)
I think it is Sukumar's best till date. No offnotes and that too with a single take recording! I knew he was capable of that perfection with some diligence and seriousness :). Awesome mixing by Vishnu too! 

Movie :Thoongathe Thambi Thoongathe
Music: Ilayaraaja
Originaly sung by: 

Mixing: Vishnu Mohan

Varuthu Varuthu with Adithi | Upload Music

Raamanin Mohanam

My pleasure to be singing again with Maruthi, one of the best known voices for soft numbers in our Music circle!  :)

Movie: NettrikkaNN
Music: Ilayaraaja
Originally sung by: KJYesudas, S.Janaki

Ramanin mohanam with ( Adithi Devarajan ) | Musicians Available